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Year End Insurance Planning for Law Firms Podcast With Member Benefits CEO Chip Trefry

Member Benefits own CEO Chip Trefry had the pleasure of sitting down with the hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jonathon Israel of The Florida Bar Podcast recently about year-end insurance planning for law firms.

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Three Reasons Professionals Don’t Insure Their Income

A professional’s ability to work and earn an income is most likely his or her most valuable financial resource. With a 25% chance of becoming disabled before retirement1, Disability Insurance is a vitally important way for professionals to replace a portion of their income if he or she can’t work for several months or more due to a disability. So why do so many professionals not have Disability Insurance?

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What Every Professional Needs to Know About Disability Insurance

Generally speaking, those in the professional services industry tend to be proactive when it comes to planning for their financial future and retirement. Unfortunately, one aspect of financial planning that even the most responsible of professionals can overlook is that of purchasing long-term disability insurance. But what would you do if you were no longer able to do your job effectively because you had cancer, were confined to a wheelchair, had a stroke, or were unable to see? Would you and your family be able to maintain the same quality of life financially? If you’re like most professionals, then the answer is a resounding “no.”

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Long Term Disability vs. Long Term Care Insurance

There are a number of different insurance options that can assist you and your family if you become impaired or disabled. Two of the most popular options are long-term disability and long-term care. Both of these are designed to protect your assets and interests in distinctive ways, so knowing the differences between the two is key in determining how each one can be beneficial to meet your needs.

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Tax Planning Tips for Disability Insurance

Note: The content on this page is intended for informational purposes only. We recommend that you consult a tax attorney for legal advice and to provide counsel for your specific financial situation.

Disability insurance benefits can be a great help when you are injured, but tax laws surrounding these payments can get a little tricky. In order to understand what your tax planning should be concerning your disability insurance income, you’ll need to evaluate what type of benefits you are receiving, whether the premiums are paid with pre- or after-tax dollars, and who exactly is paying the premiums: you or your employer.

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Demystifying Disability Insurance: Free Webinar

How long could you last without a paycheck? Your ability to earn a living is your largest financial asset. Without your paycheck, how long would you be able to make it without feeling the pinch? If you’re like most, it wouldn’t be long at all: Half of working Americans couldn’t make it a month before financial difficulties would set in, according to a recent Life Happens survey.

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Long-Term vs. Short-Term Disability: What’s the Difference?

In order to make the most of your insurance plans, it is important to understand the difference between various insurance products offered. Long-term and short-term disability insurance are two products that many people are often confused about. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to determine which option is right for you.

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