Third Party Administration

Being a licensed TPA allows Member Benefits the ability to create and manage custom member insurance programs, with unique features and special pricing only available through association sponsored programs.

As a licensed Third Party Administrator, Member Benefits has national expertise in:

  • Association/Affinity group plan creation & installation
  • Negotiation of substantial discounts, exclusive services, and underwriting concessions
  • Billing and collection services
  • Claims administration
  • Policy issuance
  • Customer service
  • Member database management

Exchange Solutions

Member Benefits offers a premier level web-based shopping experience backed by experienced Benefits Counselors that provides guidance and assistance to members during the insurance procurement process and throughout the plan year as members use their coverage.

Key differentiators of Member Benefits’ Private Exchange solutions include:

  • Multiple health insurance carrier platforms
  • Government subsidy eligibility assistance
  • Robust defined-contribution features for employers
  • Industry-leading consumer-directed accounts platform
  • Specially priced ancillary association group products
  • Association member level service model

The exchange offering is divided into two different components: the Individual Exchange; and the Employer Group Exchange.

Individual Marketplace 

The Individual Marketplace provides individuals (members and/or employees) with an online shopping experience that enables members to select from multiple leading health insurance providers, as well as valuable ancillary benefits such as dental, vision and more. Individuals create and manage their own individual benefits portfolio online.

Employer Group Exchange 

This exchange, for employer groups with 5 or more employees, provides a comprehensive employee benefits management platform. Employers create their own customized private exchange and choose between offering a menu of Individual Major Medical plans for employees to select or a traditional group health policy with multiple plan choices within the plan. This model is designed around the strategy of shifting employers away from the costly defined benefit insurance model to the “defined contribution” model whereby employers set, budget, and better control their benefits expenses. Employees use their “defined contribution” monies to shop from a wide variety of plans on the exchange.

Marketing & Communications

Our communications approach has been tested over 20 years and is carefully crafted to maximize member awareness and satisfaction level without “overloading” members with program information. We want your members to feel good about your association and have an appreciation for the benefits you’ve negotiated on their behalf.

Most product vendors only have their own marketing campaigns under consideration and have little knowledge of when and how often other vendors are sending communications to your members. With so many different messages being sent to your membership, this can eventually cause your Member Benefits Program to get “watered down” and lose its value.

With so many insurance and financial products that can benefit your members, a key advantage to associations offering a consolidated benefits program through a third party administrator as opposed to directly through product vendors is our sensitivity to the communication schedule. Members DO NOT want a bombardment of simultaneous mailers, emails, and solicitation calls. These communications need to be sent in a timely manner and the message needs to be consistent. Effective communication is a common factor in every successful Member Benefits programs.


Our approach:

  • Branded websites
  • Email marketing
  • Product-specific direct mail
  • Print advertising
  • Content articles
  • Social media
  • Videos
  • Webinars