Member Benefits, the administrator of the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange, introduces long-awaited Members Health Plan (MHP) for Texas law firms.

Austin, TX— After years of building member participation in the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange, administrator Member Benefits is introducing a new health plan option for Texas law firms. Different than traditional group health options, the Members Health Plan (MHP) is a multiple employer self-funded health benefits trust exclusively for Lonestar state law firms and their employees. Through the MHP, participating law firms will join together to pool their risk as one large multiple-employer group.

This plan aims to not just lower the cost of healthcare benefits but also reduce administrative fees and grant access to a wider variety of potential health plan benefits.

Member Benefits President and CEO Earl “Chip” Trefry Jr., CLU had this to say about the launch: “This has been over two years in the making and we’re all very excited to see it come to fruition.”

The Growing Need and Ultimate Development

Over the past number of years, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the insurance landscape have been hot topics among Americans ranging from politicians, to families across the country. The past two years, in particular, have seen a number of industry-leading insurance providers pulling out of certain state markets– only to enter into others, or pulling out of the entire Insurance Marketplace altogether.

Texas, like many states, has not been exempt from dealing with an ever-evolving insurance marketplace landscape. This constant state of instability has left many individuals and families uncertain as to what their Health Insurance coverage, rates, and overall options may be from year-to-year. Texas lawyers and law firms are no exception.

Texas has one of the highest concentration of lawyers and legal professionals in the country, and while they have exclusive access to the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange, there has been a growing call for more options for firms and their employees.

According to Scott Rothenberg, Texas attorney and Chair of State Bar of Texas Insurance Member Benefits Committee, “For years, our members have been asking for a plan that leverages the buying power of our large numbers. Creating a plan that: (1) controls the ever-increasing cost of healthcare; (2) while maintaining access to quality health care; and (3) satisfies federal and state insurance regulators, was a daunting task. Despite the challenges presented, the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange has delivered.”

The MHP has been designed to help Texas law firms better control the ever-increasing costs of healthcare without sacrificing access or overall quality of care. Rothenberg goes on to say “The Members Health Plan (MHP) will initially provide attractive options for some members and their firms. Our hope is that over time, the MHP will evolve into the best option for most, if not all, Texas law firms. The MHP will start out with 13 new PPO network plan options, including three HSA compatible plans, and six interchangeable prescription plan options. The MHP has the potential to save hardworking Texas law firms money and bring quality health care back within their reach.”

Research & Analysis Department Director for the State Bar of Texas Cory Squires, says “With over 100,000 active members of the State Bar of Texas in 2017, I know that there are a lot of firms out there that will benefit from the new MHP option made available through our long-standing health and benefits partner Member Benefits. Our members have been waiting for a plan like this for a very long time and we can’t wait to give them this option!”

Texas law firms can learn more about Members Health Plan at

About Member Benefits

Member Benefits, the administrator of the Members Health Plan and the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange, is a technology-driven insurance brokerage and third-party administrator that focuses on benefit programs and insurance exchanges for member-based organizations. Member Benefits specializes in the design, marketing, and administration of programs for employer groups, associations, affinity groups, and franchises. Member Benefits operates in many states with physical locations in both Jacksonville, FL and Austin, TX.