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As a member, you are part of a group with buying power. Our goal is to maximize that potential by providing products and services to members of all sizes that are not usually obtainable by each employer or individual.

Whether you’re an individual, solo practitioner, large or small employer, we are here to consult with you about your options.

Products and services are available through leading insurance and service providers including Herbie Wiles Insurance and Member Benefits. Special pricing, enhanced benefits, underwriting concessions, and other exclusive benefits are negotiated with these providers.

Start shopping in this online health insurance exchange where you can compare and purchase products from leading insurance providers who compete for business within the exchange.

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After living in the shadow of the global COVID pandemic for more than two years, the world is ready to move on, but the virus continues to show that it isn’t ready to leave us just yet. According to Worldometer, nearly 480 million people have contracted the virus and recovered. But what this number doesn’t […]

JACKSONVILLE, FL (March 21, 2022) – After debuting in the neighboring state of Texas in 2018, the Members Health Plan (MHP) will soon be available in Arkansas as well. The MHP is an association-based, multi-employer, self-funded health benefits trust exclusively for law firms. Through the MHP, participating law firms pool their risk as one large […]

Jacksonville, Florida — Member Benefits has received a nationwide designation as one of the highest performing brokers in the Health Insurance Marketplace® from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This recognition from CMS as an Elite Plus member of the 2022 Marketplace Circle of Champions underscores Member Benefits’ achievement in enrolling 500 or […]